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I'm surprised this place doesn't have more reviews.  I discovered this place through Groupon for Laser Genesis and microdermabrasion.  I don't have a lot of acne, but I did during my teenage years which led to a lot of scarring.  I did the special for the first 3 treatments, then bought an extra 2.  

The treatments get a little bit more vigorous as you go, but never painful.  The process takes about less than 30 minutes and I was able to go about my day normally afterwards.  After my face recovers from each session I notice my pores are a lot smaller, and my skin tone is much more even with most of my dark spots faded.

I always scheduled my appointments with Sahar who is one of the sweetest, funniest, and down to earth girls I've met here in New York.  I found myself feeling as if I was going to meet a friend for 30 minutes instead of a random woman lasering my face off.

If you think it costs too much, you know you're going to spend that much money on an outfit or purse anyway.  So why not spend the money on your face where people pay the most attention?!

Esther W.
Manhattan, NY

I have been a customer at LaserTouch for three months through which I had three sessions and one touch-up for upper legs, lower legs and underarms. So far, I can say it's been a perfect experience. I am satisfied with the service so far especially that I was lucky to have my first consultation with Sahar who was responsible for my treatment for the last two sessions and was doing her job perfectly. Sahar is the one who signed me up for my sessions and who advised me to go for the six sessions to get a guaranty at the end of the treatment. I noticed she's very professional, friendly, and tries as much as possible not to miss spots in the area under treatment (which everyone wants). For this, I asked Sahar to be responsible for the next remaining sessions for me and I truly recommend her as she makes the customer more than comfortable to be in this place.

I am done with three sessions so far, and the results are more than perfect. However, I hope the results continue like this till the end of treatment and never regret what I am doing now. I already referred some of my friends to LaserTouch and recommend this place to everyone.

M S.
Manhattan, NY

I decided to take the plunge and go for bikini laser hair removal ("LHR") treatments.  I went to a couple consultations around the city and finally decided on this one, primarily due to the price.  That said, I made them do a test spot on me before I signed up for anything.  There are definitely hazards associated with LHR so do your research (i.e., know your skin type, types of laser equipment and settings, ask the technician about his/her experience, etc.).  They generally explain the procedure and risks, but don't be lazy - do your own independent research.

The package I got was $900 for 6 brazilian bikini laser treatments + touch-ups for any missed spots after each treatment if needed.  I think another place was quoting me something like 1800+.  The technician I see is Jennifer Ann and she is very polite, thorough and careful and always good about answering any questions that I may have.

I have run into a few problems - little things like my appointment being canceled and I have to get another technician.  I don't know about you guys, but if I am going to pay to lie down naked and then be subject to pain (and yes, it hurts), I'd rather keep doing it in front of the same person every 6 weeks than a different one.  So now, I always call to confirm my appointment.  And there have been times when I've had to reschedule my appointment and they've been pretty understanding so I let that one thing go.

Overall, I would recommend this place.  It's not super high-end, but it's clean and functional and I would rather pay half the cost (or less) of a high-end place and still get good results.  Overall, I would also recommend LHR.  if you haven't tried it, you're already far behind.

Update: I am changing my rating from 4 stars to 5 as after my 6 initial treatments, I am getting a great deal if I want to keep coming back for touch-ups and it beats any other deal!  Way to go, LTS!

New York, NY

Currently a client here at Laser Touch Soho for full body laser hair removal. I cane during a promotional special they were offering in the fall/winter of 2010.  I would say that the area's are clean, dust free, and friendly all the time. I have been to previous places that have had higher prices, and worse staff. Worse in terms of requesting a tip, complaining when you do not give one. A tip is optional, and no one should be forced to give one. Especially when you are paying well over $1,000 for each session at six or seven sessions.  I have been approached by more than one technician about this. This made me very uncomfortable and have mentioned it to those members, that by asking for a tip, you will not last this long. I was obviously was speaking generally, and was in no way threatening. Needless to say those technicians no longer work with Laser Touch Soho anyway. so it serves them right.   The manager/ owners are courteous towards a women's needs for laser hair removal.
My experiences are pretty good, and have no other complaints, I take my treatments like a champ, shave everything beforehand, put SPF 100 on daily, and the staff takes my payments happily with a smile.   I give five stars on overall time going there, their patience, and great care for me as a client. :)    I would definitely recommend.

Nina F.
Flushing, Queens, NY

This review is not only for LaserTouch Aesthetics as a company but also for Sahar the lovely young lady who did my treatment. I initially came in for a brazillian waxing and after talking with Sahar decided to try the brazillian laser hair removal process.  Needless to say I was nervous as could be, and Sahar promised me it was less disconcerting than a waxing itself. She was right!! The process was quick, relatively painless & I am very pleased with the outcome.  She made what can be a very uncomfortable awkward process, calming and relaxed. I'm looking forward to my follow up appointments.  She was right, after all those years of waxing, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! The office itself is very clean and staffed with extremely friendly employees. They are not one of the cheaper laser hair removal salons in midtown, but you get what you pay for & LaserTouch is worth every penny.

D G.
Manhattan, NY

Great environment and services. Currently undergoing stretch mark treatments using carboxy therapy at there midtown location. Great results and still have remaining treatments.  My technician Sahara is amazing. Extremely kind and gentle. Would highly recommend her.

Janice P.
Williamsbridge, Bronx, NY

I have never had any treatments for my face and was a little nervous but I bought a treatment for the microdermabrasion on Living Social so Ihad to go.  I was glad I did. Right when you walk in you can see how clean the place is kept, which is a huge plus.  They took me right on time after filling out some paperwork.  Zahar worked on my face and she was AMAZING!  She convinced me to try the Laser Genesis which I LOVE!  I have had 3 seesions and am definitely going back for more!  Zahar was very professional and patient (as I was nervous because it isnt exaclty comfortable) but she was awesome and funny and definitely knew what she was doing.  These treatments can be pricey but well worth it.  Ladies, dont buy the shoes this week and go visit Zahar she will work wonders!

O S.

Too bad i didnt discover this place when i used to work 1 block away. I came here for laser hair removal and was interested in getting some maintenance for my skin. i am 28, and have problems with my skin since i was a teenager. I had an appt. with Sahar. And she advised me on what would work great and what would not. I dont live in NY aymore so she was being realistic that i would need at least 6 treatments for my face in order to see results. She was being honest about everything and didnt try to upsell and add things on as some other places that i have been to do.
I did laser hair removal on my arms( i done it before at a different place) and one session of microdermabrasion. My skin looked and felt great afterwards. Every time i will visit NY i will definitely make an appt with her. I know it sounds silly, as i can find such a place where i live now, but its important for me to see someone i trust and uses best technology.
Ladies i know all these beauty maintenance is expensive but please do your research before you buy something from groupons etc.  There are numerous laser hair removal machines, some work well and some dont. Same goes for any type of lasers or microdermabrasion that you do on your face. It might look like you are saving money but if it doesn't work you will end up spending more in the long run. You also want someone who knows what they are doing and you not being the Ginny pig. Otherwise you can make the problem worse.

nessa F.
Manhattan, NY

Waiting area is clean, modern and inviting.  When going to a new salon or laser center, you never know what to expect.  I am impressed and was pleasantly surprised to have found such a great place.

Sahar is just wonderful, I cannot say enough about her.  She was very patient with any questions that I had and really went the extra mile to insure that I was comfortable and was having a good experience.  The center is busy, but Sahar never made me feel rushed,  she is so thorough and gentle.  I will be going back for all of my future aesthetic needs.

Hannah K.
Manhattan, NY

I have been going to Lasertouch Midtown location for 8 months now, and I can honestly say I have been very impressed. They are clean, friendly, and work within your budget.

The service:
I believe I have been attended to by every technician at least once. They are ALWAYS both kind and professional. They are patient with you, thorough, and attentive. In particular, Sahar Yamini has always been exceptional, whether she's answering my questions or conducting a procedure- she has even made me laugh when I was nervous for my procedure! She understood how put to me at ease, and she is really easy to talk to. But, honestly, all of the staff have treated me with the same care and respect. Most of my 5 stars really come from the quality of care from the staff. Great job!

The facility:
As with others who've reviewed, I would definitely agree. It's clean white decor, purified water, and complimentary tea put you at ease and comfort. (Especially that first time when you're nervous about the procedure!) I found the bathroom and procedure rooms clean, and they even have complimentary aloes and sunscreen there for post procedure so you don't head out into the sun afterward without protection.

The product:
I am also happy because I had unsightly hair along my chin and neck, and within 4 treatments here, it was almost transparent or gone! I had tried lasertherapy once before, and it did NOT work like this does. It was talking to Sahar that convinced me to try it. Here they are professionals who care about skincare. They use the appropriate doses to accurately and quickly get the job done. Thank you Lasertouch!!

Bethany J.
Manhattan, NY

Dr.Vafa is a great! dr.  he really takes pride in in business he will tell you if you don't need a procedure done. waiting time since i have been there has never been more than 5 min of your appt. time.  GREAT PLACE ! check it out
you will really miss out if you dont go. i'm from Brooklyn and there are many places  nothing seriously like this place. chill atmosphere and great shops around the area.

myra t.
Brooklyn, NY

Laser touch is a great place for laser hair removal,  they work perfectly. The people there is very friendly and very professional. I am 100% happy about my decision to go to LASER TOUCH AESTHETICS of NEW YORK CITY. So you can go there and ask for Sahar Yamini, she is the professional you need.

Christophe Stephan…
Manhattan, NY

i found this place on living social. & love it.
i have had 3 titan laser treatments - my skin looks amazing - tighter - less wrinkles & my face looks alot thinner.
Sahar is the best - she is funny - smart &  professional &  extremely honest.
We have alot of laughs which makes the time go fast.

Beth l.
Teaneck, NJ

I discovered LaserTouch thru Living social and was looking to get rid of my chin hairs once and for all. (Tired of plucking and I just had gotton engaged.) This place is very clean, comtempary and the staff is always friendly. The location is in midtown and very easily accessible.They offer a variety of services. I never tried beauty procedure before and was interested in finding a place that was reputable , clean and affordable. I was looking for electrolysis and was lucky to have a very friendly and professional consultation with Thamara. The consultation was easy and they do offer package deals. The procedure is tolerable and I'm seeing results! I'm still continuing the process but know I will look fabulous for my upcoming wedding. Thanks LaserTouch. :)

Kamira O.

I am very grateful for both technicians that worked with me (Tamara and Sahar). They were extremely professional and very attentive and caring to me.

They patiently explained me how the procedures work and what are the expected results. I felt like being in the right hands - and this feeling was right.

In addition to perfect service and friendly atmosphere, they try to be flexible in terms of payments. They offer several types of discounts and are ready to make installments sale.

I recommend this place to everyone who wants to invest in his/her beauty without risks to the health!

Nuriko Y.
Syracuse, NY

During the last several years, I engaged two separate facilities for facial laser hair removal which cost significantly more and took much longer than promised, while delivering poor customer service and shoddy results leaving only parts of my face treated!  As you can imagine, I first visited LaserTouch Aesthetics with considerable frustration, skepticism, and a sense of helplessness.

Sahar changed all of that.  She is undoubtedly the most understanding and flexible technician I have ever dealt with.  After carefully listening to my story, I became Sahar's special case.  She wholeheartedly empathized with my situation and skillfully developed a flexible treatment plan with payment options dependent only on results.  Sahar cared about me and made sure my hair was removed. She used her deep knowledge of the optimal techniques to employ to deliver the results I desperately needed.  After several treatments, I could see the difference as my facial hair was successfully removed at a faster pace, lower cost, and higher service quality than I had experienced in the past.

Not only does LaserTouch Aesthetics employ cutting-edge laser hair removal devices, they take meticulous care of the devices.  Other facilities I had engaged used the same devices, but did not deliver the results I needed - most likely because they were not using them correctly.

In addition to Sahar, the staff at LaserTouch Aesthetics is warm, humble, dedicated, and caring.  The office is well-managed and I have never waited or been delayed.  If you are pursuing successful laser hair removal, look no further!

Chad M.
Manhattan, NY

I am just so happy with the results I have gotten from Lasertouch that I had to write a review. I first went to their Soho location and was treated by Sahar. She was so attentive and professional I followed her uptown to their lovely 57th street location. I had been debating whether to get laser treatments for years and finally went for it when several other people I knew went to Lasertouch. I opted for a full body, six-session package, which was half the price of what Romeo and Juliet charges (I had done my research). After about two sessions I wished I had not waited this long. Everything went as I was told it would, the hair fell out on its own and now grows so slowly I can probably go weeks without shaving. My skin is never irritated or burnt and after four sessions it is so smooth that I can't wait until I've finished all six sessions. I refused to be attended by anyone else but Sahar and three other friends/family are now treated by her as well. Any woman knows that when you put the health of your skin in someone else's hands, you better be able to trust them. She's just incredible.

I cannot stop singing the praises for this place and I keep recommending it to all of my girlfriends. Why anyone would spend $2000 a year waxing is beyond me.

Maia E.
New York, NY

This place is amazing ! I have lately been going there for laser hair removal. From my first treatment, to about my 5th now, i have seen major and life chaning improvment. I am very happy and highly reccomend it ! besides the good effects, the servise there is absolutly amazing too ! very polite and pleasent. Sahara, the young women who does my treatments, helped me face one of the biggest steps in life ! Dont wait ! Go to LaserTouch Aesthetics ! you wont regret it !

Semra S.
Carlstadt, NJ
Paulina M.
Manhattan, NY