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Laser Hair Removal & Aesthetic Centers
of Long Island, Garden City

Conveniently located in Garden City, Long Island, next to the Roosevelt Field Mall, and with nearly 10 years of experience, LaserTouch provides laser cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal, and medical aesthetics services for female and male clients of all skin complexions.

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At LaserTouch Aesthetics you will receive the highest quality services, including laser hair removal, Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane and other dermal fillers, skin tightening, laser pore reduction, spider vein removal, spot removal, skin rejuvenation, mole, wart, skintag removal with radiosurgery, and chemical peels.

Why LaserTouch Aesthetics?
LaserTouch Aesthetics - the medical aesthetics centers
Quality: We offer the best quality service in Garden City, Great Neck, rest of Long Island and New York City, with equipment and brands such as Candela®, Cynosure, Cutera, BOTOX®, Juvederm® and Radiesse®.

Effectiveness: The lasers we use are FDA approved and have been evaluated as the most effective in peer-reviewed medical journals. These sophisticated lasers target the root of the hair so specifically that they not only eliminate very dark and coarse hair, but are also the most effective lasers for the removal of fine hair and even hair with a light brown root.*

Evaluations and Customization: Your health and satisfaction are our primary concerns when conducting laser hair removal, vein removal, laser genesis, laser skin rejuvenation and other laser services. Our laser practioners perform test spots and assess hair and skin types for treatment eligibility. We thoroughly review every client's skin type and hair color to determine customized treatment settings before and during the treatment.

Safety: We use patented cooling devices for cooling the skin surface during laser hair removal, vein removal, laser genesis, laser skin rejuvenation and other laser services. That means more comfortable treatments and eliminates the need for topical anesthetics.*

Truthfullness: No false promises. We explain what works and what doesn't. A pressure free environment where our first priority is educating you about your skin, our services, and the best options to achieve your goals.

Confidentiality: Our laser providers and professional staff understand the intimate nature of laser hair removal and are accustomed to addressing our clients' most private concerns. You can rest assured that anything discussed or treatments performed at LaserTouch Aesthetics will remain discreet and confidential.

Affordability: Our Lasers and Devices perform treatments at high speed while offering complete coverage, therefore enabling us to charge less per treatment. We never insist on paying for packages up front; our clients pay per treatment. We are confident that our lasers' great results will bring our clients back for completion and follow-up treatments.

Location: Our clinic is located right next to the Roosevelt Field Mall, a short two minute walk from the west entrance of the mall. We are located at 100 Garden City Plaza across from the mall, at suite 105

*Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary


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LaserTouch Aesthetics home page

LaserTouch is the prominent medical aesthetic center in the metropolitan New York area. With locations Garden City in Long Island , White Plains, Soho, and Midtown, LaserTouch has served its client base for more than 7 years. LaserTouch services include laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation and injectables.