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femilift vagina skin tightening new york city

Femilift Vagina Skin Tightening New York City
Femilift Vagina Skin Tightening New York City, Long Island, Garden City, Great Neck, Hamptons

Femilift Skin Tightening is now available in Long Island and New York City

The innovative FemiLift™ treatment is done in office using a novel, minimally invasive technology that requires no post treatment down time. Patients report a near-immediate return to activity, including sexual intercourse. Femilift is*:

Minimally invasive, virtually painless procedure

Gentle treatment for controlled safety and accuracy

Maximum precision with Alma CO2 laser, the right wavelength and perfect pulse

Fast and efficient delivery of fractionated laser energy split into micro pixels

No post treatment downtime

Excellent patient satisfaction and long term success

The benefits of skin resurfacing can be an improved quality of life and deeply enhanced self esteem. Safe, Accurate and Remarkably Effective The FemiLift handpiece is a precision tool yet designed for ease of use. The probe features 360 degree rotation which puts complete control of the treatment in your hands. At the same time, the treatment takes only about 30 minutes. With no downtime and a minimal risk of infection, bleeding and other side effects patient satisfaction is high.*

*Individual results may vary

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femilift vaginal skin tightening
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