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Wax Hair Removal - Long Island

Wax Hair Removal - Long Island
Wax Hair Removal - Garden City

At LaserTouch Aesthetics, we have nearly 10 years of experience with hair removal. We offer a variety of hair removal solutions, including laser hair removal, wax and electrolysis, in order to most effectively and efficiently produce results for your skin and hair type. Our multi-solution approach is your best alternative for maximum hair reduction.

Are you ready for your next wax hair removal session?

Before and after waxing tips
Wax Hair Removal - Long Island

Make sure that the area which you intend to wax does not have any wounds, skin rashes, acne
Do not shave the desired spot before waxing. Your hair should be at least 6 mm (1/4 of an inch) long, any hair shorter than that will not get pulled out.
Trimming down the longer hair makes the treatment much less painful

Apply oil immediately after the treatment and use it to get rid of the remaining wax. The next step is to put some talcum powder in order to prevent skin wetting.
Never moisturize the treated area as this can lead to skin infections or irritations. Wait at least 12 hours before taking a shower.
The use of an after wax cream some 60 minutes after the procedure helps soothe the skin down

Wax Prices
Wax Hair Removal - Long Island

Area Price
Bikini(top/Sides) $35.00
Brazilian $50.00
Outer buttocks $40.00
Inner buttocks $40.00
Eye Brows $30.00
Nose $15.00
Ears $15.00
Underarms $25.00
Half Arms $35.00
Full Arms $45.00
Chest $55.00
Stomach $25.00
Half Back $35.00
Full Back $65.00
Upper legs $60.00
Lower Legs $40.00
Full Legs $90.00
Lip/Chin $15.00

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