Sclerotherapy Vein Treatments / Varicose Vein Removal

Eliminate or reduce varicose veins showing or bulging through skin



$350 per area 

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Dr. Khan, MD

Sclerotherapy Vein Removal - White Plains

Dr. Khan specializes in the use of Smartlipo and has performed more than 3000 procedures in the past 9 years. Dr Khan is one of the first adopters of the Smartlipo technology and has trained 7 other medical doctors to perform the procedure.

Dr. Khan, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians and National Society of Cosmetic Physicians initially trained at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center and completed an internship and family practice residency in 2004. He has attended numerous cosmetic / Laser training seminars nationally, and uses the latest technology for procedures for laser and cosmetic medicine. Dr. Khan has performed 30000+ Lipo suction procedures, and has trained 7 physicians in this technique and keeps continuing to train other Doctors. Dr. Khan has been performing cosmetic medicine since 2006 and is certified to perform Botox and Juvederm injections.

How does sclerotherapy vein treatment work?

Dr. Khan successfully removes a wide range of unsightly vascular lesions, from fine facial veins, spider veins and vascular birth marks to larger leg veins. Our treatments are non-invasive, fast, safe and effective. Patients can resume normal activities within minutes of treatment. Typically 3 - 5 treatments are required to achieve optimal results. LaserTouch Aesthetics offers one of the most effective laser vein removal options in White Plains.*

*Results can vary based on individual conditions


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Vein Treatment on Legs
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Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment by Dr. Khan in White Plains*

Laser Vein Treatment on Nose
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Frequently Asked Questions*

How does the treatment work?
A sclerosing agent is injected into the vein using a very fine needle. This damages the vessel lining causing causing the wall of the vessel to stick together. Blood stops flowing through the veins and the body treats them as damaged tissue which is slowly absorbed over a period of time.

What is the treatment like?
Each treatment session lasts 20-30 minutes. The needles used are very fine so discomfort is minimal and the treatment is generally painless. Once treated it can take between 2 weeks and 3 months for the veins to completely disappear.

How successful is sclerotherapy?
After treatment most patients can expect a 80-90% improvement in the treated vessel. The fading process is gradual with treated veins fading up to three months after the last treatment.

After the treament:
Normal activities can be resumed immediately.
Some patients with substantial reticular veins may be advised to wear support stockings for period of time after the treatment. You are recommended to walk as much as possible. Walking works the calf muscles and pumps blood through other vessels back to the heart. This reduces the pressure in the superficial vessels.

Will treated vessels recur?
Veins treated adequately by Sclerotherapy should not recur. However, the underlying problem is not corrected and therefore new vessels may appear with time. An annual review is recommended to detect development of new vessels, which can then be treated.*

How many treaments will I need?
Several sessions may be required depending on the extent and size of the veins. On average veins on the legs require between 2-4 treatment sessions. This will be discussed during your consultation.*

Are there any side-effects?*
Even when a highly experienced physician is performing the treatment, there are a number of possible side effects.
sclerotherapy vein treatment white plainsRed, raised area at the treatment site. These should disappear within 24 hours
sclerotherapy vein treatment white plains westchesterBruises, at the injection site. These will disappear in 7-10 days
sclerotherapy vein treatment white plains stamfordAching in the leg for a day or two following treatment. This is uncommon but if it does occur it can usually be relieved by walking or paracetamol can also be taken
sclerotherapy vein treatment white plains scarsdaleBlood trapped in the sclerosed vein may cause the vein to be more noticeable and the vessel tender in the first few days to weeks after the treatment
sclerotherapy vein treatment white plains greenwichAllergic reactions to the sclerosing agent. Although very rare, if this happens the treatment will be stopped immediately

What should I do before treatment?
Please avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and Aloe Vera preparations for at least 10 days.

*Results can vary based on individual conditions

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