Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for Sunspot, Agespot and Freckle Treatment

Eliminate undesired sunspots, skin blemishes

IPL (intense pulsed light)


$250 per treatment ($600 for 3)

Freckle darkspot before white plains westchester
Freckle darkspot after stamford

Dr. Khan, MD

Skin Rejuvenation IPL - White Plains

Dr. Khan specializes in the use of Smartlipo and has performed more than 3000 procedures in the past 9 years. Dr Khan is one of the first adopters of the Smartlipo technology and has trained 7 other medical doctors to perform the procedure.

Dr. Khan, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians and National Society of Cosmetic Physicians initially trained at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center and completed an internship and family practice residency in 2004. He has attended numerous cosmetic / Laser training seminars nationally, and uses the latest technology for procedures for laser and cosmetic medicine. Dr. Khan has performed 30000+ Lipo suction procedures, and has trained 7 physicians in this technique and keeps continuing to train other Doctors. Dr. Khan has been performing cosmetic medicine since 2006 and is certified to perform Botox and Juvederm injections.

How does IPL treatment work?

Your face, hands, and arms are the first parts of the body to show signs of aging because they receive so much exposure. IPL skin rejuvenation treatment will help eliminate age spots, freckles and pigment lesions as well as reverse the signs of aging.

Intense pulsed light essentially works by delivering energy to the skin surface and affecting dermal heating. A consultation is needed to evaluate the brown spots and determine how effective the treatment might be. Patients should not have a tan before their laser treatment. Numbing cream is generally not needed in the treatment of brown spots.

Depending on the type of treatment performed, there may be a sunburn like feeling, redness, bruising and scabbing. The skin heals quickly within 3-7 days with the application of an ointment such as petroleum jelly.

The effectiveness depends on the type of brown spot. For liver spots (lentigines) 1-2 treatments per area are generally needed. Other brown spots may have more variable results.*


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Before and after photos for IPL treatment*
(african american skin type, forehead)

forehead freckle removal IPL white plains westchester forehead freckle removal after IPL white plains stamford

Before and after photos IPL treatment*
(light skin, hands)

hands freckle treatment white plains scarsdale hands freckle treatment white plains greenwich


Frequently Asked Questions*

What areas can be treated?
Virtually any part of your body with sun and age spots can be safely treated. The face, chest, shoulders and arms are the most popular areas for treatment because they have typically had the most sun exposure. Discrete brown spots, excessively ruddy complexions and skin densely covered with freckles respond well to treatment.

What do treatments feel like?
When the handpiece is placed on your skin, it will feel cool and comfortable. When the pulse of light is delivered, you may feel a mild, brief pinching sensation.

How long will the treatment take?
The actual treatment will only take a few minutes. And, since there is no need to apply gel or any topical anesthetic, your total appointment time can easily fit within your lunch hour.

How many treatments will I need?
Typically, one or two treatments are sufficient to see significant results. Additional treatments may be required for very large or dark spots, densely freckled areas, or excessively sun damaged skin.

What happens after the treatment?
Immediately following the treatment, the spots may start to darken. You may notice a slight reddening of the surrounding skin. This typically subsides within a couple of hours. Over the course of the next one to three weeks, darkened spots will fade and flake off. Your mottled complexion will clear.

*Results can vary based on individual conditions

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