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Fat reduction and body contouring with Smartlipo - NYC *

Eliminate areas of fat and define or contour select parts of the body

Smartlipo by Cynsoure


$3,499 and up; finance as low as $99/month


Dr. Khan, MD

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Dr. Khan specializes in the use of Smartlipo and has performed more than 3000 procedures in the past 9 years. Dr Khan is one of the first adopters of the Smartlipo technology and has trained 7 other medical doctors to perform the procedure.

Dr. Khan, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians and National Society of Cosmetic Physicians initially trained at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center and completed an internship and family practice residency in 2004. He has attended numerous cosmetic / Laser training seminars nationally, and uses the latest technology for procedures for laser and cosmetic medicine. Dr. Khan has performed 30000+ Lipo suction procedures, and has trained 7physicians in this technique and keeps continuing to train other Doctors. Dr. Khan has been performing cosmetic medicine since 2006 and is certified to perform Botox and Juvederm injections.

Dr. Khan is a member of IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine). He is certified and trained to do Tumescent Liposuction specifically with Smart Lipo and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians.

Laser Lipo Sculpting, commonly known as SmartLipo™, is the world’s least invasive technology to get rid of small to medium sized areas of unwanted fat with minature 1-2 mm incisions. The recovery period is extremely short, with many receipients of the procedure returning to work within two days.*


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Face and Neck Liposuction, laser Lipo and Smartlipo treatment *

smartlipo nyc

smartlipo nyc

Waistline and Stomach Smartlipo treatment

smartlipo nyc

Note: All photos courtesy of Dr. Khan, unless otherwise noted.
*results can vary based on individual conditions

Buttocks and Arms Smartlipo treatment

smartlipo nyc

smartlipo nyc

*results can vary based on individual conditions

frequently asked questions

What are typical areeas of the body treated with Smartlipo?

smartlipo body areas nyc SmartLipo NYC fat removal process has been designed to treat localized pockets of fat in the following areas, as also depicted on the diagram:

Chin (double or hanging chin)
Inner and outer thighs
Hips / Love Handles
Upper arms
Face (not around the eyes)
Male chest / breasts
Back of neck

How long does the SmartLipo New York City procedure take?

The SmartLipo procedure takes an average of 2–3 hours per session.

How many SmartLipo Manhattantreatments are required?

Most patients typically require only one treatment. Each SmartLipo session may last from 45 minutes to one hour for each area treated. SmartLipo can also be used for “touch-ups” and revisions to previously treated areas. *

Does SmartLipo treat cellulite?

The SmartLipo procedure will improve the body's shape and may reduce cellulite to a certain degree. *

What is the long-term outcome for most people?

Most patients can see results immediately following the SmartLipo procedure, and they can expect their skin to return to normal within three months. However, as with traditional liposuction, you will need to practice patience since the full SmartLipo results may not be visible for up to a year. The more fat that was removed, the longer it will take to achieve maximum results, as your body needs to adapt to a more significant shape change. *

Do I have to stay in the hospital?

No. SmartLipo is performed as an out-patient procedure under local anesthesia. You won’t be required to stay in the hospital, since recovery from SmartLipo works best within the comfort of your home.

What if I've already had regular liposuction?

SmartLipo may be extremely effective for improving upon body areas that have been previously treated with traditional liposuction. With the SmartLipo procedure your doctor can further sculpt or contour those areas on the body that have “droopy” skin, especially if you are a relatively thin, healthy person who wants additional toning and tightening.*

What are the main advantages of SmartLipo? *

smartlipo nycIt offers the smoothest, best body-contouring results.
smartlipo nycIt entails only a short recovery time.
smartlipo nycMinimal discomfort is involved.
smartlipo nycIt is safer than traditional liposuction.
smartlipo nycIt tightens the skin around the treatment area.
smartlipo nycIt is more affordable than traditional liposuction.

Can SmartLipo work on areas that regular liposuction can't?

Yes. Since the aiming beam at the tip of the SmartLipo laser allows the doctor to know exactly where he or she is at all times, the procedure is very precise. As such, SmartLipo is very effective in body areas that are not suitable for traditional liposuction, such as the face, neck, back and knees.*

Does the SmartLipo procedure hurt?

Since the SmartLipo procedure is performed under local anesthesia, there is very little pain or discomfort involved. You may feel a minor stinging sensation and an impression of SmartLipo treatment, but these discomforts are minimal.

*results can vary based on individual conditions

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